What makes InsureDAO different is its ability to handle everything from creating and selling insurance to managing surplus funds. This enables the Defi protocol to easily provide full-featured insurance services to users.

InsureDAO is a peer to pool insurance market protocol on Ethereum.
On InsureDAO, anyone can create, purchase, and underwrite any insurance without KYC.


Insurance pool creation

Dynamic pricing

Custom Risk Index

Insurance is the masterpiece for Defi
scalability, InsureDAO stabilizes the
entire Defi ecosystem.

Here are 4 ways to combine strings in JavaScript. My favorite way is using Template Strings. Why? Because it’s more readable, no backslash to escape quotes, no awkward empty space separator, and no more messy plus operators 👏

const icon = '👋';// Template Strings
`hi ${icon}`;
// join() Method

Escribiendo el HTML

Escribamos un código HTML repetitivo para la tabla.

<table class="styled-table">
<tr class="active-row">
<!-- and so on... -->

Tenga en cuenta que tenemos dos clases:

  • .styled-tablepara …

History of Real-time Communication

  • Around the 2010s, real-time communication was only available using additional software, plugins, or Adobe Flash.
  • In 2013, the first cross-browser video call between Chrome & Firefox was introduced.
  • In 2014, the first cross-browser data transfer occurred, opening to a new-emerging trend in real-time communication via the client-side.

Today, it is…

Basic information has been given about hacking in this article. Regarding the world of hacking, people have many misconceptions and ideas, and now you are going to learn something about them.

Hacking is a very complex activity, for which many skills and knowledge are required. …

Proyecto Carlos

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